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2017 Economic Commentary

For those of you who have been following me through the years, you know I’ve been posting Economic Commentary for some time, and my predictions and have been very consistent and accurate It was a crazy close to 2016 and 2017 has started out in a similar way.

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Newsletter December, 2016

Questions, Questions, Questions! As we close our books on 2016 and look towards 2017, it’s important to pat ourselves on the back for all that has been accomplished this past year. However you are enjoying the holidays, take some time to be grateful for the opportunities we have in front of us. I’d like to thank all of you reading this for following me along my journey.

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Newsletter November, 2016

“Hegna Discovers The Real Fountain of Youth!” Summer came and went in the blink of an eye. Hard to believe but 2016 is almost over. Next year in 2017, the DOL ruling will make an impact, regardless of our opinions. More than ever, our clients need help. I’m sure a lot of what you are reading in the news is about the DOL, or the election (we covered that last

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Newsletter August, 2016

Beware of TINA: The Singing Siren Hey All! Tom Hegna reporting from a 14-day road trip where I’ll be visiting with retirees in New York, Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Colorado, and Illinois! With the news cycle focused on our political race, I want to direct your attention to our current economic status.

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Newsletter May, 2016

Why Ken Fisher really LOVES Annuities! (And YOU should too!) Ken Fisher takes out full page ads that say “I HATE Annuities and You should too!” This ad frustrates many financial advisors and can cause clients to have a negative perspective on why annuities are a necessary part of your retirement plan. The negative connotation just adds on to the Suze Orman’s and Dave Ramsey’s of the world who pass out misleading and often incorrect information to our clients.

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