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Tom Hegna's 2024 Economic Commentary


et ready for 2024 because it's HERE, and there could be a lot of uncertainty ahead. Looking back at 2023, markets are near all-time record highs, Interest rates went up at the start of the year, and then interest rates came down. To see if my 2023 economic predictions were accurate, review my 2023 economic commentary for a full recap on national debt, the defense budget, and interest rates. But here's a video of what you need to know for 2024.

In short, there is so much uncertainty in the world today, but here's what I say: in times of uncertainty, people crave CERTAINTY! Which is what the insurance industry can do. We have GUARANTEED lifetime income products, we have GUARANTEED death benefits, and we have GUARANTEED interest rates. YOU can give people certainty in times of uncertainty! And now you have reports from companies like Blackrock (Blackrock doesn't sell annuities) and Ernst and Young (Ernst and Young doesn't sell annuities). Now they're publishing research that lines up with the research of the top PHDs I've been following. You now have disinterested, third-party references that can help you bring solutions to your clients. I encourage you to watch this webinar to see what I mean.

-Tom Hegna

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