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Differentiate your practice with special client focused Retire Happy curriculum. Here your prospects and clients can learn the facts of retirement from an independent 3rd party. Information based in math and science, not opinion, that shows them why they need life insurance, annuities and long term care so they can take key risks off the table in retirement.

Stand out from your competition and provide unique value. Financial professionals subscribed to Tom Hegna On Demand gain the ability to provision private member access for their best prospects and clients to Retire Happy U. Choose who gets access, manage your private members, and use our in depth analytics to gain insight into what your prospects are interested in.

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Tom Hegna On Demand Curriculum

  • 1. Retirement Risks in the 21st Century
  • 2. Inflation Risk
  • 3. Deflation risk
  • 4. Market Risk
  • 5. Order of Returns Risk
  • 6. Risks of Long Term Care
  • 7. Longevity Risk
  • 8. Taxation Risk
  • 9. Withdrawal Rate risk
  • 1. Turn a Death benefit into Guaranteed lifetime Income
  • 1. Facts About Retirement
  • 2. Economic Overview
  • 3. The "Happy Factor"
  • 4. Retirement Alpha
  • 5. CD Alternative
  • 6. Cash Cow
  • 7. North West Quadrant - Morningstar Scatterplot
  • 8. NUA Net Unappreciated Assets and Its Affect with Annuities
  • 1. Life Insurance Objections
  • 2. Lifetime Income Annuities Objections and How to Handle
  • 3. Variable Annuities Objections and How to Handle
  • 4. +Over 75 More Closes and Objection Handling Techniques
  • 1. Mortality Credits
  • 2. Life Insurance
  • 3. Term Life Insurance
  • 4. Permanent Life Insurance
  • 5. Whole Life Insurance
  • 6. Life Insurance as an Asset
  • 7. Human Capital
  • 8. Grandparent and Grandchild Legacy Using Life Insurance
  • 9. Maximizing Charitable Giving using Life Insurance
  • 10. Simple Life Insurance Discussions
  • 11. Cash Cow
  • 12. Business Owner Investment Affects
  • 13. 3 Simple Life Insurance Ideas
  • 14. Human Life Value
  • 15. Mortality Credits from the Life Perspective
  • 16. Questions for Business Owners
  • 17. Questions for Wealthy Clients
  • 18. Simple Solutions using the 2nd to Die Policy
  • 1. The Importance of Long Term Care
  • 2. Risks of Long Term Care
  • 3. Medicare and Medicaid
  • 4. Long Term Care - The Million Dollar Problem
  • 1. Annuities Intro
  • 2. Fixed Period Annuities
  • 3. Lifetime Income Annuities
  • 4. Lifetime Income Annuities Payout Rate Vs Interest Rates
  • 5. Mortality Credits
  • 6. Deferred Income Annuities
  • 7. Longevity Insurance
  • 8. The "Happy Factor"
  • 9. Fixed Index Annuities
  • 10. Variable Annuities Overview
  • 11. Retirement Alpha
  • 12. Deferred Annuity Welcome Video
  • 13. Happy Factor
  • 1. Estate Planning
  • 2. Estate Planning Failures
  • 3. Covering Final Expenses
  • 4. Maximize a Legacy with Estate Taxes
  • 5. Maximize a Legacy with NO Estate Taxes
  • 6. How to Leave Individual Retirement Account Tax Free to Your Children
  • 7. Sell UP to the Estate Tax Level
  • 1. Disability Insurance
  • 2. Medicare and Medicaid
  • 3. Social Security Overview
  • 4. Social Security Strategies
  • 5. Social Security Taxation
  • 6. Required Minimum Distribution Maximization
  • 7. Required Minimum Distribution to Pay for Live and LTC
  • 8. Required Minimum Distribution Compression
  • 9. Protecting Social Security Benefits
  • 10. 529 Plans - Child's Education
  • 11. LGBT
  • 1. Planning
  • 2. Strategies
  • 3. Solutions
  • 4. Role of the Advisors
  • 1. Lifetime Income Annuities Features
  • 2. Lifetime Income Annuities Objections and How to Handle
  • 3. Lifetime Income Annuities Math and Science
  • 4. Fixed Deferred Annuities
  • 5. Variable Annuities Features
  • 6. Variable Annuities Guaranteed Living Benefits
  • 7. Variable Annuities and Fees
  • 8. Variable Annuities Objections and How to Handle
  • 9. Marketing
  • 10. Prospecting
  • 11. Required Minimum Distribution Maximization
  • 12. Required Minimum Distribution Maximization to Pay for Life and LTC
  • 13. Required Minimum Distribution Compression
  • 14. VBear Market Recovery
  • 15. CD Alternative
  • 16. Grandparent and Grandchild Legacy
  • 17. Cost of Waiting
  • 18. Sytematic Withdawals versus Lifetime Income Annuties
  • 19. NUA - Net Unappreciated Assets and Its Affect with Annuities
  • 20. Lifetime Income Annuity Sales Strategies Grandparent/Grandchild legacy
  • 21. Lifetime Income Annuity Sales Strategies RMD Compression
  • 21. QLACS
  • 1. Introduction to Creating a Plan
  • 2. Planning for Retirement
  • 3. The Importance of Working With a Financial Professional
  • 4. Graduation
  • 1. Introduction to Social Security Benefits
  • 2. Social Security Basics
  • 3. Social Security Strategies
  • 4. Working in Retirement, Income Taxes, and Social Security Benefits
  • 5. Graduation
  • 1. Introduction to Hybrid Retirement
  • 2. Major Drawbacks to Working in Retirement
  • 3. Reasons Retirees Work in Retirement
  • 1. Introduction to Protecting Your Savings
  • 2. Basics On How to Protect Your Savings From Inflation
  • 3. The Bottom Line on Inflation
  • 1. Introduction to Securing Guarnteed Lifetime Income
  • 2. Secure Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • 3. Understanding Accumulation vs. Distribution
  • 4. Learn More About Annuities!
  • 5. Bottom Line on Securing Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • 1. Introduction to Long Term Care
  • 2. Basic Facts On LTCi
  • 3. Risks of LTC
  • 4. The 'Other' Cost of LTC
  • 5. Recapping The Importance Of Long Term Care
  • 1. Introduction to Using Home Equity Wisely
  • 2. Home Equity Basics
  • 3. Strategies For Using Your Home Equity Wisely
  • 4. Case Study
  • 5. Graduation
  • 1. Some Extra Tips For Late Savers
  • 2. Retirement Planning For Non Traditional Couples
  • 3. Special Retirement Planning Tips For Women
  • 4. Utilizing Longevity Credits For Retirement Income
  • 5. Practical Uses Of Life Insurance In Retirement

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Tom Hegna is one in a million! His understanding of the financial markets combined with dynamic presentation style make him sought after in the financial services industry. Get to know Tom, you won't be disappointed!

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  • Daily skills training and motivation
  • Weekly virtual pre-meeting and post-meeting coaching
  • Tom’s best closes and techniques for overcoming objections
  • Tom’s best words, questions and language for presenting annuities and life insurance products
  • Fast start kick off call to get you winning with the program
  • Provision private member access for you best prospects on Retire Happy U
  • Manage your private members, and use in depth analytics to gain insights
  • Special webinars throughout the year
  • Access to toll free number for assistance
  • Annual economic commentary
  • Annual updated Social Security Guide for Clients (PDF)
  • Retirement Alpha Guide (PDF)
  • 24/7 access from any web enabled device
  • Hegna's Hotseat monthly perspective on the financial services industry
  • Official Tom Hegna Certification upon successful program completion


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