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Don't Leave ANY Money for Your Kids!


lot of people think life insurance has nothing to do with retirement, but I want to show you how life insurance has EVERYTHING to do with retirement. Do you know why so many people are miserable in retirement? It's because in the back of their minds, they think they have to leave money for their kids. They end up denying themselves their retirement. I say, "Don't leave ANY money for the kids!" You see, the life insurance you bring into retirement gives you the license to spend your money. Let me show you how.

I'll use myself as an example because I'm walking the walk, not just talking the talk. My wife and I have four kids. One day we were asking ourselves, "Hey, how much should we leave the kids?" My wife said, "I don't know. What do you think?" So I suggested we take out a one million dollar, second to die life insurance policy and name the four kids as the beneficiaries. When we're both gone, they'll get a million bucks tax free. That's $250,000 each, tax free. Let's start there.

So, we bought a million-dollar, second-to-die policy and named the four kids as the beneficiaries. That policy is completely paid up, and do you know what the total cost of that policy was? $150,000! Think about that: for fifteen cents on the dollar, we are able to transfer one million dollars, tax free, to our kids. And guess who gets to spend the rest of our money? We do! I want you to spend YOUR money! I want you to leave your kids life insurance because you can do that for pennies on the dollar! Let me show you why I don't want you to leave grandchildren any money either.

Annie is 62, has six grandchildren, and a $100,000 CD she wants to use for grandchildren legacy gifts. If she died at 62, each grandchild would receive just over $16,000 - that's a nice grandma. But she could leave each grandchild over $36,000 by using life insurance.

I invite you to join me for 45 minutes online where I'll show you different types of life insurance, which types people might need based on their situation, powerful ways to show your client the NEED for insurance, how MUCH they actually need, and how to overcome common objections and close more sales. I call this presentation, "The Three Pillars of Selling Life Insurance," so if you want to learn how Annie could leave her grandchildren over $36,000 each for pennies on the dollar, join me today or tomorrow for this webinar. Use this link to select the session you'd like to attend for free.

I hope to see you there.

-Tom Hegna

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