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How "The Baby Boomer Dilemma" Can Convert Prospects


hen director Doug Orchard interviewed me for his "The Power of Zero: The Tax Train is Coming" documentary, I knew that movie could reach millions of consumers. Since that documentary was released, it has been in the top 10 of documentaries and sits on the major platforms. There are over 14,000 documentaries submitted to Sundance every year, and 99% of them never get to a major platform or even get rated. His newest film, "The Baby Boomer Dilemma: an Expose' of America's Retirement Experiment" could make an even greater impact! Consumers all across America might need a financial professional more than ever after seeing this. Let me show you how you can use this film to fill your calendar with those warm leads.

Step 1: Become the Expert

First, make sure you know what your audience knows. Watch the trailer at https://www.theboomermovie.com/, watch the full film, and work on your elevator speech. Think about how you would describe the film, yourself, and what you do. Improving your words, language, and stories will prepare you for speaking with prospects and clients, and perfecting a two-minute presentation proves you’re on the right track. Review an old article I wrote about it here if you need to know where to start.

Step 2: Reserve the Venue

Because the film is rated PG, nearly any theater should be able to play the film. Plus, Doug has made it so simple for them that all they need to do is plug in the approved device he mails them and press play. Almost all theaters use this technology now! If you serve clients in rural areas, Doug has an option you can use to allow your clients to stream the film online. Consider where your prospects will commute from and offer a charter service to drive them to and from the event if needed. Look for theaters in a central area and start calling them today! Get the ball rolling.

Step 3: Fill the Seats

Next, reach out to your top clients. Reward them for continuing to use your services by inviting them to a free screening of the film. Ask them to bring a friend for a quick referral. Then, call previous clients, and reach out to recent prospects. Here’s an old trick to use for this:

Place 15 paperclips into a cup. Each morning empty the cup onto your desk. As you ask someone to attend your free screening, place one penny back into the cup. Don't leave the office until you've placed all 15 into the cup!

Lastly, fill in any remaining seats using a marketing company or paid advertising through social media. You can easily target prospects in your region around the theater you choose.

Step 4: Execute

Make sure you email and call your registrants multiple times before the event, but when your attendees show up for the free screening, consider offering them a complimentary coke and popcorn purchased at the concessions stand if they arrive 15 minutes early. When you hand that to your attendees, also hand out a card requesting their info and say, “keep this card because we will be offering another gift card at the end.”

Once everyone has taken their seats, deliver your quick elevator pitch, and play the movie. When the credits are complete, invite attendees to stop by your boot for an opportunity to own the film for themselves. This is the best part about this process: you can give a gift card to anyone who filled out the card you gave at the beginning and books an appointment with you, and that gift card can be redeemed for an online streaming version of the film - no DVD player required! Here is a short video Doug filmed to explain how the gift cards work:


In just four simple steps, you can watch your calendar start to fill up month after month. Just repeat the process as often as you see fit. Here is the impact this film made for one office:

-159 people invited to a movie theater to watch the full film
-3 email reminders sent to everyone
-One phone call to all 159 people reached 40% of the people
-50 people attended the showing
-ALL 50, 100%, of the attendees scheduled a 30-minute consultation after the film ended!

To have all your questions answered about this process, I invite you to attend a live, virtual event where Doug and I will talk about the film and show how you can use it to fill your calendar. (That live event has already taken place. Click here to watch the replay.)

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