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Your 30-Seconds of Fame


n elevator speech is your 30 seconds of fame. “I have worked in the financial industry for decades.” That sentence right there probably sounds mundane, but what if I told you, “I showed people that retiring happily ever after is within their grasp!” A good elevator speech is all about choosing the right words and language to tell your story. Here are three examples of how to turn financial jargon into stories that sell.

Whether you're joining a new team or attending a local barbecue, you can express the passion you have in your career. "I'm a life insurance agent." Sure it's short and to the point, but it doesn't really sound exciting. Plus, it is weighted with generalized interpretations. "I provide a way for millionaires to transfer their wealth to families or charities in an optimal way." Or, “I help create multi-millionaires — how many million would you like to have?” Not only do these quick sentences show confidence, but they will likely connect with a larger audience as well.

Tip #1:Share this video with consumers on your social media channels, and write a post like this:
Check this out! @TomHegnaSpeaks shares a story that simplifies everything you need to understand about #LifeInsurance. This is just ONE story from his book Paychecks and Playchecks. Let’s meet today to simplify your financial planning, and I’ll bring a complimentary copy you can take home.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between boasting accomplishments and bragging. “I sell some of the most difficult products to sell, annuities, and I sold four over the last seven days.” This might work well around the office water cooler, but what does it tell cold prospects about what you do? Appeal to your audience when you’re composing an elevator speech as if they are strangers. “I help Baby Boomers retire happy and successfully by setting up increasing guaranteed lifetime income and taking key retirement risks off the table,” reads very differently.

Tip #2: The Dont' Worry Be Happy DVD is shipped without a plastic seal so you can insert your information inside the cover before giving it to prospects, clients, or coworkers. You can also use the first blank page of any of my books to write a personalized note. The point is, these spaces are your shot at impressing through a miniature elevator speech.

“Long Term Care Insurance is one of the more morbid topics to discuss, but it is imperative that everyone understands its importance.” While this introduction isn’t bad, it still adopts the common, negative connotation. It doesn’t convey passion for the topic. "I help my clients stay in control of their lives by showing them how they can stay in their homes as they age instead of having to go to a nursing home.” Choosing the right words and language to tell your story will take practice.

Tip #3: Tom Hegna on Demand allows you to enroll consumers in Retire Happy U! so you can educate them and convert them to clients. You can even enroll coworkers through a corporate account to monitor their training. Call 1-855-TOM-HEGNA (866-4346) today and ask how.

Once you’ve found a good way to tell your story in a 30-second elevator speech, try it out. It’s called an elevator speech for a reason, and because of that, you can tell it to anyone. Try it out at the office tomorrow; the clock starts when you push the up button, and your guinea pig is the person waiting next to you. Time is up when you reach your floor. Make every word count! Practice and perfect your 30-seconds of fame, and if you’re struggling to find the right words and language, look at industry-expert social media for examples.

See you at your next mixer,
-Tom Hegna

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