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Webinars Can Be MORE Profitable For You Than Client Seminars


ast month I gave you a number of ideas of how to turn this lockdown into one of your best years ever! This month I want to go deeper into webinars. I believe the effective use of webinars can be a game changer for you. You can be more efficient, effective, and profitable. In fact, webinars can be MORE profitable than seminars! They can be done quickly, and you can do more of them than seminars. There is no restaurant or hotel to coordinate with, you don't have to pay for the room, food, parking, and you can avoid many of the logistical and administrative details of holding a live seminar.

You can also record a variety of webinars and have them on your website. In fact, I have a FREE webinar on how to give webinars! Well, the webinar will say "how to give seminars," but remember, a successful webinar has the same features of a successful seminar. There are really three keys to holding a successful event, whether in person or via webinar.

You have to fill the room with people, or fill the webinar with attendees. While I don’t do this for you, there are companies who do.

You must have a process. What do you do before the webinar? When do you send out the invitation/save the date card? Who is going to help you with the webinar? What is your topic? How long are you going to talk? How do you follow up? What are some best practices that other people are doing?

You must have powerful and compelling content to get their attention, keep their attention, and then actually set an appointment with you.

Other Webinar Pointers

Those are the 3 key steps I cover in that free webinar. Here are some additional points that are webinar specific:


Pick your platform, Zoom, Webex, RingCentral, Skype, Join.Me and others will work. I use Zoom but have used others in the past. You want to do some practice runs to make sure you understand the software and make sure you are comfortable.


I would keep it simple for your first few. Don’t worry about polls, chat, et cetera during your first few webinars. Focus on delivering powerful content. Tell moving stories!


Start small – start with 5-10 couples. From there, you can go as large as you want.


If you don’t feel comfortable, hire someone to deliver your webinar. Most speakers I know are delivering webinars now. I am doing five or more per day.

So keep your attitude positive, your virtual activity high, and use this time to sharpen your blade! I want you to know that TomHegna.com was BUILT for times like these. We have FREE webinars to give you great training. I have a FREE YouTube channel. We have books, audio books, DVDs, white papers, and more. All of these can educate your clients and prospects. See, people will listen to our message now. Yes, they should have listened a month ago, but that is how the world works. Be LOUD and PROUD with your message. The insurance industry will give them CERTAINTY in times of uncertainty. Here is the link to my FREE webinar on how to be successful with webinars and seminars.

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