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Use Credible Research to Convert More Prospects

When you sit down to meet with a new prospect, there is always going to be an inevitable conflict of interest. Financial advisors help people make very important life decisions, and money-related decisions can make people emotional. But, at the end of the day, that client is also a paying customer. If they buy, you get paid. If they don’t buy, you don’t get paid. There’s always the risk that they won’t buy because they think you are biased. If you’ve read my books or seen me present, you know I’m all about taking risk off the table. So, how do we combat this risk?

Well, one surefire way to take bias off the table is to give your prospects information from credible, disinterested sources. Gather up articles, whitepapers, videos, and any other sources you can find that will give them the information they need. Read them well, make sure you understand the material, and provide them to your prospects. Then, sit back and let them learn. They’re getting their information from someone who has no stake in whether they buy anything or not, and you’re still doing your job by helping educate them. Since there’s no pressure on the prospect, they’ll be more receptive to what they’re learning, and it will serve as a conversation starter for you.

Some people call me THE Retirement Income Expert, but even I still call on third-party sources to back up the information I give in my presentations. I pull quotes from whitepapers and articles that support the math and science behind guaranteed lifetime income. I regularly reference financial experts such as Dr. David Babbel, Dr. Moshe Milevsky, Dr. Michael Finke, and Dr. Wade Pfau. None of them get any compensation or benefit from me referencing them, but because they are all experts in their field, including them as source material increases the credibility of the information I’m giving out.

New prospects are almost always going to need a crash course in how different financial products can work for them. By having that library of disinterested third-party research, you can give them that education without them feeling obligated to actually buy anything. Once they’re armed with their new knowledge, they will be more willing to sit down with you and figure out a plan for their financial future.

I’ve created a virtual resource called Retire Happy U that can provide exactly this kind of third-party education to your clients and prospects. Through this program, participants get all the information they need about different financial products, and their teacher is ME! I do all the educational work for you, and you get to reap the rewards. Join me for my FREE “7 Simple Steps and Stories That Sell” webinar to learn more about the benefits of Retire Happy U. Click here to get registered!

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