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s I get closer and closer to my own retirement, I plan on doing fewer in-person presentations. However, I've been doing so many virtual presentations lately, I might reach even more people than ever before! I do at least one webinar or podcast nearly every day, but I'm keeping my calendar full. Tune in to these two podcasts to learn how you can do the same to keep business booming.

1. Morris Sims

In this podcast, Morris Sims hosts Tom Hegna on "The Business of Sales" where they discuss:
-What agents can do during an epidemic like COVID-19
-The importance of guarantees during times like these
-Virtual outreach
-Optimizing your time
-The one thing that got me through it all

To learn more about Morris, visit his website at https://www.morrissims.com/

2. Mike McGlothlin

This is a good time for some expert financial advice. On this podcast, Mike McGlothlin is joined by nationally recognized economist, author and retirement expert Tom Hegna. Listen in to find out how to help your clients prepare right now, without waiting for conditions to be perfect. You will learn:
-The increasing importance retirment risks due to the changing economic environment
-What people can do to take control of those risks
-Why payout rates are so high on annuities
-To get the Crossing The Bridge PDF, visit https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/13679123

If you're interested in bringing me onto YOUR show sometime, complete the form at tomhegna.com/speaking. If you'd like to learn about all of the virtual services I offer like webinars, click here.

Thanks for tuning in,
Tom Hegna

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