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Summer Is Like...


ummer is when some people start to slow down, take it easy, complete those side-projects, and do the things they enjoy. What does that sound like to you? To me, that sounds like a whole season of Saturdays! Let me prove it to you.

On what day of the week do you spend the most money right now? What day of the week do you go golfing, go to Home Depot, go to the spa, and go shopping? For most of us, that day would be Saturday--and remember, when you retire, every single day is Saturday! Summer is full of activity, so don’t think for one second that it’s impossible to meet more prospects.

You see, seniors today need both a guaranteed paycheck and, perhaps just as importantly, a guaranteed playcheck. Many Boomers are not going to need less money once they retire; they are in fact going to need MORE money. That’s where a conversation about guaranteed income they can never outlive comes in.

Summer sure sounds like Saturday to me, so don’t slow down! There are still several prospects out there who will listen to you when you ask them those two simple questions. Ask 10 prospects those questions this month, and see how it starts a conversation about guaranteed income they can never outlive.

If someone is avoiding your appointments, use those same questions to get them to continue their conversation with you. Every once in a while, you’ll come across someone who says, “I don’t need another guaranteed paycheck. I worked for Boeing for 37 years. I already have a great pension--I’ve got that covered.” Handle this by just smiling, and saying, “Okay, you have the paycheck. But do you know what you need now? You need a guaranteed PLAYcheck!”

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See you at your next summer mixer!

-Tom Hegna

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