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I'm NOT Slowing Down!


hey used to call me the Original Road Warrior when I was traveling 280 days out of the year to speak on stage at seminars. Most of you know by now that I've moved into a new stage of my life where I won't be traveling as much. However, I'm NOT slowing down! I'm busier than ever, I'm educating more people than ever, and it's even easier than ever for YOU to have me warm up your prospects. I'm doing nearly five webinars every single day. They don't call me the energizer bunny for nothing! Here's a brand-new way that you can have me educate your prospects using 100% done-for-you marketing and analytics for a price no one can beat.

I've delivered my "Don't Worry, Retire Happy!" presentation thousands of times, and the message has reached over 80 million homes. The presentation aired on PBS, and it has been compliance-approved by every company I've worked with. I show people a straight-forward guide for retirement planning in uncertain times by simplifying the retirement journey with seven steps to retirement security. The seven steps are #1 have a plan, #2 maximize social security, #3 consider a hybrid retirement, #4 protect from inflation, #5 secure guaranteed lifetime income, #6 plan for long-term care, and #7 use home equity wisely. I've literally created a roadmap for retirement! What's even better about this new way to have me educate your prospects though is that there is a 100% done-for-you marketing option that will save you more time and stress than you can imagine.

I've teamed up with the experts at Real Wealth Marketing to make this opportunity as easy as possible for you. They've created email campaigns, social media campaigns, RSVP tracking, confirmation emails, reminder emails, and follow-up invitations that promote and execute a full, live webinar where I will present my "Don't Worry, Retire Happy!" message to as many attendees as they can reach with you! The best part is, all of those many moving pieces are completely done for you AND they will customize them with your branding and compliance approval. How much time would that save you? 40 hours? 50? Real Wealth has even automated appointment setting for those who attend the webinar and replay reminders for those who missed my presentation. Don't take MY word for it; listen to the experts at Real Wealth tell you themselves in this two-minute video. If THAT isn't enough value for you, let me put the cherry on top.

So how much is an opportunity like this worth? Well, I can tell you it can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $25,000 for me to speak, and having Real Wealth fill the seats is priceless. But we teamed up to make you an offer you can't refuse: starting at only $2,500, you get everything mentioned here for 50 attendees. I said "attendees" not registrants, so you only invest in the people who show up to see my live presentation online! Real Wealth can promote this event for you nonstop, 10,000 people can register, and you take on zero monetary risk beforehand. If more than 50 of your leads receive my message live or through the replay, you pay a special price for those, but you'll have to talk to Real Wealth Marketing about that because they're handling the many, many logistics so YOU don't have to. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity, and use the link at the bottom of that page to schedule time to talk to a live expert.

I can't wait to see you there!

-Tom Hegna

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