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Don’t Let Objections Delay Your Conversation


oday’s busy world demands that you use clear and concise ways to communicate, educate, and inform your clients. Specifically, you need to know how to handle their common objections. Clients will use many excuses and stall tactics. Think of objections as a tug-of-war contest to wrest control of the conversation. If you aren’t prepared, prospects will throw you off your game. Here’s how improving your presentation will move the conversation toward closing without delays.

One of the most common objections is, “I don’t need that.” Maybe they don’t, but it’s up to YOU to demonstrate the need through your presentation. Think about when you go to the dentist and they poke, poke, and poke around until you flinch. Then they poke you more just to be sure! They feel around to find where you need dental work done. Throughout your presentation you have to ask the right questions to uncover your clients’ needs so you can talk about satisfying those needs. I’ve recorded over 100 common objections and their solutions, and if you practice them, you’ll see how much faster you can close a conversation.

Commit to watching one training video per day. Watch the video, learn how to handle the objection, then practice the solution. Test it out on your coworkers if you need to. Talk about their experience with the objection. Then, you need to go back and watch the video again later that day. These videos are quick, but if you don’t review and practice the solutions, you aren’t truly training. You see, you have to commit each objection to memory. When you have an important appointment coming up, think about the common objections that client might bring up. Access the list of objections again, and find a few you can address in your presentation. Review the video, and apply it to the conversation you’ve rehearsed. You need to make this a routine. If you do this, you’ll find that you no longer waste time playing tug-of-war with hesitant prospects and clients.

Invest in your training. Become the most prepared person in the room for less than the cost of your daily coffee. For only a dollar a day, enroll in 100 days of training to learn 100 ways to overcome objections and win more business. Once you enroll, you’ll have exclusive access to my website where you can pull up the business-winning words in the palm of your hand no matter where you’re meeting your clients for an appointment. To learn how to navigate these courses, my office created a “how-to” video. Watch it below for a free sample of the training center.

See you at training camp!
-Tom Hegna

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