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7 Tips to a Happy Retirement

When you retire, you'll be entering a new stage of life. Your lifestyle and network will change, but just remember the article The Wall Street Journal wrote titled, "The Secret to a Happier Retirement: Friends, Neighbors and a Fixed Annuity." But before you go reread that, here are seven non-financial things to consider when planning retirement. If your client has been talking about one of these, use that to start a conversation and share the WSJ article with them so they can truly Retire Happy!

If you truly want to help your clients Retire Happy, have them read my book. "Don't Worry, Retire Happy!: Seven Steps to a Secure Retirement" is their road-map, and you can be their GPS. That book is so simple, even a small child could understand how to start planning for retirement. It will walk your clients through seven simple yet specific steps to talk to you about, and you'll have the products and services they need to take those steps - won't you? If you're still not sure, send them my presentation on DVD, and I'll explain everything FOR you!

Talk to you after you help seven people Retire Happy!
Tom Hegna

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