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hether you need revenue immediately, quarterly, or you’re in this industry for the long-haul, you need to look at the big picture. When I was in your shoes, I left the office daily, intent on expanding my network. The key to my success came from leveraging short-term strategies that had potential to grow into long-lasting relationships and future revenue streams. You have to “knock on doors” like traditional salespeople, but as a modern financial professional, you need to update that process and think outside the box. Here are three specific strategies you can use over the next 30 days to set yourself up for the whole year, but the first step you’ll need to take is out the door!

Next time you are visiting a current client in their neighborhood, spend some time before or after the appointment knocking on doors. Start with local businesses before residences. Business and corporate relationships are worth a lot more in the long term, and because they require a lot of nurturing, you may need to make more than one visit. Think about businesses that have both employee and consumer traffic you can target. Look for private practices like dental offices, chiropractors, tailors, and attorneys. Grab a phonebook, or better yet, open Google Maps and search “new business.” After talking to a few businesses, head to residential areas. Visit your top client, or hand-deliver a new client their paperwork. Ask them about community functions like town-hall meetings, barbecues, or open houses. Functions like these can connect you with affiliate opportunities, which would be step two after hitting the pavement.

Building a relationship with realtors, car dealers, and attorneys can work in your favor for two reasons. These businesses see lots of traffic, and they all speak directly to your audience of retirees. They can get you in front of new prospects, and they can help influence a conversation about financial planning. You still have to be the best prepared in the room though! Ask a realtor if you can set up a booth at their next open house. See if the car dealership will include a copy of Paychecks and Playchecks in the glove compartment of any new vehicle purchased.

If these potential affiliates object, ask if you can set up a display in their high-traffic area instead, and offer to do the same in your office. Always be sure your presentation is professional, and include your contact information whenever you can’t be around. If these relationships aren’t readily available to you, it’s time to really think outside the box.

One of my favorite tactics is to call country clubs and see what groups are visiting. Focus on tennis tournaments or tee times because these bring groups of people together whom you can link up with. Host a tournament of your own, or offer to sponsor the purchase of a pro-shop item for the winner. Prepare a grand-prize giveaway display of the item in a way that lets you lead into a brief presentation of your services, and be sure to have a stack of business cards available for those who didn’t win the grand prize. You can even use this same strategy at outdoor stores by leveraging retirement pastimes like fishing, backpacking, and photography. It’s really your chance to connect with future clients through something you are both passionate about, and it’s only limited by your ability to think creatively.

All of these strategies come from my years of experience doing exactly what you’re doing now. If you need more suggestions, you can find them all in my new eBook. Targeted Tactics: Marketing Strategies for the Modern Financial Professional includes specific strategies you can use over 30 days, 60 days, and six months to create revenue streams. It is more than just a guide because the strategies I discuss there are designed to keep your calendar full year-round. What are YOU doing over the next 30 days to increase revenue?

See you next month,
-Tom Hegna

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