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Step out of the traditional box!

Wake up. Breakfast. Drop the kids at school. Arrive to the office by 8 a.m. Start cold calling clients about life insurance. Lunch at 11 a.m. Leave at 4:30 p.m. Rinse. Repeat.

Sound familiar?

Look, we need to step out of the traditional box and get production moving!

I was just on a finance show with Steve Savant, “Let’s Get Down to Business,” and talked about life insurance. Steve and I have met a few times and we wanted to get out of the traditional conversations that we all hear every day from the home office. Have you heard the expression “Buy Term and Invest the difference” before? Look, an entire generation of Baby Boomers were coached to live by this strategy and what happened?

Watch this video and find out how to respond to your clients:

They bought term, spent the difference and now they are turning to financial advisors to solve their problems that could have been cured with some proactive planning. Talk to you clients and get them buying life insurance young, early and often.

Say it again; life insurance young, early, and often.

A permanent life insurance policy is a great vehicle to build tax free cash value while also providing protection for you and your family. Even for the people that may not have spent the difference and invested some, these people were taught to invest in the traditional “60/40 strategy” with 60% stocks and 40% bonds.

How are bond yields doing these days? Don’t bother checking, 30 year treasury bonds are currently at about 3% and it hasn’t flinched in a while.

If the people who had invested 40% bonds and replaced that with a permanent life insurance policy, their portfolios would look better.

Check it out!

I’ve got a full suite of training materials on my online training and I’m adding 30 new videos soon. I’m adding content about life insurance for women, strategies to work with business owners, common myths and concerns, and tax treatment of life insurance.

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