Don't Worry, Retire Happy!: Seven Steps to Retirement Security

Learn the words, language, and stories to close more business!

Today & Tomorrow

45-60 minutes

Q&A Session

You will learn...

  • The mathematical, scientific, and economic facts for your clients to retire happily ever after

  • Simplified stories to communicate complex, yet powerful, financial products such as life insurance and annuities

  • How to optimize your clients' portfolios to protect from both inflation and deflation

  • The one thing that could completely wipe out your client''s entire life's work and how to plan for it

  • Specific words and language that will help you handle annuity objections and close more sales

  • A roadmap to retirement that takes all the guesswork out

Don't Worry, Retire Happy!: Seven Steps to Retirement Security

Tom Hegna

Economist, author, and retirement income expert

Former First Vice President at New York Life and retired Lieutenant Colonel, Tom Hegna has delivered over 5,000 seminars and has been viewed in over 70 million homes on PBS television. Tom specializes in solving complex financial problems using easy-to-understand words, ideas, and stories.