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  • Protect Your Retirement from Inflation and Deflation

John Baier
"Tom's genius is taking the most complex concepts and putting them into simple and memorable terms. His conviction and passion for these principles, not only educate people, but more importantly, inspire them to act."
Jeff Taggart
"Few people have a multi-billion dollar impact on a company or an industry. Tom is one of those people.Tom has an unbridled passion for retirement income. This passion is contagious and motivates agents to action. His ideas are simple, yet sophisticated. He resonates with the newest agents and most experienced agents alike. Very few people have the ability to light up a room like Tom does."
Terry Headley
"Thank you for your tremendous main stage presentation - the content and passionate delivery were beyond compare - you hit a grand slam with our attendees - the evaluations rated you as the top speaker ever!"
Phil Harriman
"Tom Hegna is one of those unique thinkers in the financial planning profession today. He takes the complex and make it understandable. He takes the psychology of how people make financial decisions to motivate them to take action. His wit wisdom and integrity penetrates whether it's with a room of dozens or thousands. If you have the chance to hear Tom Hegna drop what your are doing, I know first hand it will be worth every minute."
Julian Good
"Tom Hegna's ability to communicate the principles and uses of annuities is simply unmatched in our profession today. His concepts are sticky and immediately transferable to any financial services practice."
Anthony Morris
"In my 20 years across 50 countries, I have never encountered a speaker as powerful and practical as Tom. Simply incredible! His message resonates with all of us who need to emotionally connect with our clients and craft a prosperous retirement for them. He will BLOW your audience away with passion, practicality and power. Book him today - and send me his invoice for payment if he doesn't exceed your every expectation!"
Tom Curry
"Tom is an "edge of your seat" kind of speaker. You'll fill a note pad so come prepared! Highest recommendation!"

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